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How to choose a shower enclosure?

Glass shower doors are distinguished by configuration, release form and size. Choose them taking into account the area of the bathroom and the interior. The best option is products created by Crystal Lake Glass, operating in Toronto and within the GTA.

Before choosing, decide on your goals and your expectations. The only limitation is the dimensions of the room itself. If it is small, the manufacturer offers small-sized models, but with the right set of functions.

Choose the right model

Popular showers:

  • Corner Shower;
  • In-Line Shower
  • Sliding System Shower;

Corner and Neo-Angle Shower

CLG glass corner shower enclosure

Such doors are classified as closed types of shower. It has two water-bounding walls on one side and room walls on the other side. As a rule, tiles are attached to the walls of the room, which ensures high resistance to moisture. We offer two options for such shower systems:

  1. Shower room with two glass walls. A door is installed in one of these walls – corner shower
  2. Option with two partitions between which a glass door is installed – Neo-Angle Shower

This is a very convenient option that allows you to rationally use the available space. Such showers will perfectly fit into any interior.

In-Line Shower

How to choose a shower enclosure? 4

This is a shower cabin that consists of a straight glass wall with a door installed into it, as well as three room walls around it. In this case, such a shower door with partitions perform a probing function. The role of the shower is performed by a pre-prepared space.

What you need to know about such a shower door:

  1. This is the most affordable option for the price
  2. Such shower doors are very reliable due to the simplicity of their design. They will last you a long time
  3. To install this shower option, you need a pre-prepared space. Glass inserts play a supporting role
  4. This option is less versatile than the Corner and Neo-Angle Shower

Sliding System Shower

Shower cabin with marble bathtub

It is the most versatile option and can be used both as a corner option and as an in-line shower. The reliable sliding mechanism is made of moisture-resistant metal, which will serve you for many years.

Features of sliding glass doors:

  1. Silent operation
  2. Durability
  3. Modern design
  4. For installation, it is necessary to have a side space on which the sliding mechanism will be installed

Choose durable glass doors

In our catalog you will find shower cabins made of various glass. The tempered glass used by CLG is one of the most practical. It will not lose its beauty after many years, it will not crack or become moldy. The material is resistant to high humidity, temperature or chemical compositions. It is impact-resistant, not afraid of household mechanical damage, but retains an airy appearance.

Focus on the opening mechanism

Swing doors are mounted on standard hinges to the side glass and room walls. They involve the use of space outside, which is not safe in a small bathroom or if there is a baby in the house. It is also possible to install swing doors that can open in both directions, for this we use special hinges.

Sliding doors are popular and fit almost any shower room. They do not need additional space when opening, but their installation requires the presence of a side space on which the sliding mechanism will be installed.

Advice before buying

Before buying a glass shower enclosure, consider:

  1. After installation, the door should not interfere with approaching other objects.
  2. Correctly measure the future dimensions of the shower room. Make sure that the structure has enough space for installation.
  3. The space where the glass structures will be installed is prepared: the water drain is ready, the covering of the walls to which the doors and partitions will be joined is protected from moisture
  4. Decide on the type and color of glass: transparent, frosted or colored.

A glass shower cabin can be complemented with a mirror, decor and other elements to create a common style with the bathroom.

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