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Standoff System Glass Railings in Toronto

Over 530+ projects completed

- Made in Canada

- No Subcontractors

- Over 10 years experience

Elevate the elegance of your space with premium glass. Transform your property's aesthetics. Click below for a complimentary quote.

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About the Service

Standoff System glass railings aren’t merely about aesthetics, although they certainly shine in that domain. These railings redefine spaces, making them appear larger, more open, and bathed in natural light. Crafted from premium materials, they exhibit a minimalist yet commanding design, seamlessly merging with every architectural style. More so, each railing promises an enduring lifespan, courtesy of its fortified construction that prioritizes safety.

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Customer Care

Our company will find the personal approach to each customer and work directly with you, always ready to help in any situation.

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Free Delivery

We will take care of the delivery. Our fleet of vehicles guarantees on-time delivery to any location in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa and Gatineau. Free delivery within Toronto and the GTA territory

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Payment Protection

Flexible payment plans. You pay initial deposit and the rest only after the work is done completely or we set up a milestones and you pay as the progress on site is made.

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Five-Year Warranty

Five-year warranty for the products and one year for all services provided.

Goals and promises

  • Make every client happy
  • 100% individual approach
  • 1 year guarantee for services
  • Regular support
  • Last payment after the work
  • Regularly monitor
  • Expand the range of goods and services
  • Better than competitors
  • RedDot Design
  • Take care of the quality of services

Hear From Customers

Gail Brown
Gail Brown
I contacted Crystal Lake Glass to do a glass partition wall in a basement, primarily for the purpose of sound insulation. On first meeting I was impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail. As promised, they were able to get the job done in a reasonable time, and the end result accomplished not only the sound barrier, but it looks totally amazing - more than I could ever have hoped for. I would definitely use this company again and can recommend them highly. Gail - North York
Hassan K
Hassan K
It's been a pleasure dealing with Clg glass and with Evgeny in particular. Not only did he do an excellent job in custom creating a very difficult piece of glass covering for my place and had it flawlessly installed, but he also was able to fix a glass sliding door installation I had previously installed by another Contractor that unfortunately had done a very poor job. I definitely recommend working with him and Clg and will be going to them for all my future needs. Thank you.
Beatrice Baribeau
Beatrice Baribeau
We were very pleased with the install to complete this home office. The product is of high quality. The team was very polite and professional. This was the best contractor experience we have had with the work being done in only a few short hours. I highly recommend this company to those in Toronto or Ottawa (where we are).
Valerii Cara
Valerii Cara
All neat, on time and perfect service
Roman S
Roman S
Extremely professional service. Everything was done on time and in the most professional way. Highly recommended.

About Us

The versatility of the Standoff System is evident in its wide-ranging applications:

Elevate the charm of your balconies, terraces, and staircases.
The railings add a touch of sophistication, be it office lobbies or exterior terraces.
From observation decks to recreational centres, these railings ensure safety without compromising aesthetics.

Customization Options for Standoff System Glass Railings

Your space is unique, and so should be your railing. We provide a myriad of customization options:

Choose what resonates with your aesthetic from the subtle to the substantial.
Match the height to the purpose, ensuring functionality.
From brushed steel to ornate gold, pick what complements your space.

The Crystal Lake Glass Promise

When you choose Crystal Lake Glass, you’re not just opting for a product; you’re investing in a promise—a promise of unmatched quality, relentless dedication, and timeless design. Our projects dot the Toronto skyline, serving as testaments to our commitment.

We believe that every space tells a story. Let us help you tell yours. It is a story of elegance, timeless beauty, and impeccable quality. Let your space be a canvas, and our railings are the brushstrokes.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Dive deep into a world of unmatched architectural beauty with Crystal Lake Glass.

Let Us Know About Your Project

Our CLG team will be more then happy to help you in your upcoming glass project.

Request a call back

    The process

    Installation Process of Standoff System Glass Railings

    Our holistic approach ensures that our clients are involved at every step:


    / Consultation

    We begin by understanding your vision and the nuances of the space.


    / Design Iterations

    After initial discussions, we refine designs until they align perfectly with your vision.


    / Expert Installation

    Our technicians, equipped with the latest tools, ensure a flawless installation.


    / Post-Installation Care

    We offer maintenance guidance and support, ensuring your railings remain pristine.

    Why Choose Us

    Crystal Lake Glass isn’t a mere service provider; we’re pioneers in the field. Our history is embellished with groundbreaking projects and innovations in the glass railing domain. We’ve transformed countless Toronto spaces, leaving an indelible mark of quality and craftsmanship. Our reputation is built on:

    Decades in the field have honed our expertise, making us the preferred choice for many.
    Every railing is a testament to our commitment to premium quality.
    We believe in forging lasting relationships, and our post-installation services ensure our clients are always satisfied.
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