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Modern glass entrances – aesthetics and safety

Do you like comfort and beauty? Is safety first for you? Then you will definitely like modern storefronts from a reliable manufacturer. Our company will produce glass entrances to order, taking into account all the requirements of the client. Quality is guaranteed, one hundred percent compliance with the declared characteristics, all relevant standards. Our masters will install the entrance groups, perform all turnkey work and give a guarantee on them.

Features of glass entrance groups

Aesthetics and design plays a big role for storefronts. It is this design, made of glass, that first of all attracts the eyes of visitors. Guests of restaurants and shopping centers get acquainted with the institution from its entrance. When a glass structure immediately creates an atmosphere, it becomes a big advantage. Transparent entrances look particularly light and airy, allowing you to create original optical effects.

Our company uses a wide range of materials. Surfaces can be smooth and embossed, complemented by patterns, transparent and matte.

Here are some interesting facts about modern security glass entrances:

  • Tempered glass is extra strong. It is able to cope with extreme loads, temperature changes. Our glass undergoes a thorough multi-stage processing: it is fired in special chambers to increase its strength.
  • Triplex is popular. This material includes several layers of glass, securely glued together. Such material attracts with its thermal insulation properties. 
  • Glass for entrances can be not only smooth, but also embossed with patterns.
  • When it is necessary to hide from prying eyes a section of the building, internal premises, frosted glass is in demand. In private cottages, residential buildings, such entrance groups are appropriate.

Transparent glass entrances also remain popular. They look weightless, but at the same time provide a decent level of security, reliably protect against unauthorized entry.


Visually light and aesthetic designs attract with durability, reliability, stylish design. They provide safety and comfort. Advantages of such structures:

  • Security guaranteed. The material is pre-hardened, which guarantees its strength and durability. Even if broken, the glass does not produce dangerous fragments. And locking mechanisms will provide almost perfect control of access to the room.
  • Compactness and modularity are also very important. The usable area is saved, the space visually becomes larger. And due to the transparency of the glass, the energy efficiency of the room also increases, sunlight perfectly gets inside.
  • Our craftsmen will promptly install, dismantle or relocate entrances. Their design features allow this. As soon as redevelopment is required, all work is carried out in a short time.
  •  Glass is an environmentally friendly material that does not emit toxic substances. It is completely safe for human health, does not cause any negative reactions.
  • If there is a high level of humidity around the room, then glass is an excellent solution. Our products are resistant to moisture. Seams and joints of glass entrances are always treated with an insulating substance that will prevent moisture from entering inside.
  • The most important thing is durability. Even in public places with high traffic, such a design will fully cope with its tasks. She is not afraid of mechanical stress.
  • In addition, glass entrances are simple and easy to operate. They are easy to clean and maintain impeccable cleanliness.

Our glass entrances are the perfect solution for both business and residential spaces. They look airy, visually expand the space, behind them you can successfully place the goods.

Order quality glass entrances in Toronto today. In our company you will be offered an excellent choice of solutions for each interior. In addition, the design is ready to create an exclusive design. It will be developed taking into account your wishes, the parameters of the premises, the planned budget. Quality is guaranteed, full compliance with the declared characteristics and modern standards.

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