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Post System Glass Railings in Toronto

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Sleek, sturdy, and versatile, they add a modern and upscale appeal to any space they’re incorporated into. Let’s delve into their incredible benefits and versatile applications.

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Benefits of Post System Glass Railings

Post system glass railings bring a host of advantages, making them a desirable addition to any property.

Visual Appeal: One of the key benefits is their modern and sleek aesthetics. The clean lines and transparent glass blend seamlessly into any design aesthetic, from contemporary to minimalistic, enhancing the beauty of the space.

Unobstructed Views: The clear glass allows for uninterrupted views of your surroundings, making it a perfect choice for properties with scenic vistas or for areas where you want to maintain visual connectivity, like between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Safety: Despite their sleek design, post system glass railings are built for strength and durability. The sturdy posts and high-quality glass provide a secure barrier on balconies, decks, or around staircases, adding an extra layer of safety.

Light Flow: These railings allow maximum light penetration, creating brighter, more inviting spaces. The transparent glass doesn’t block natural light, allowing it to filter through and illuminate your space.

Space Perception: Glass railings give a sense of expanded space. By removing visual barriers, spaces appear larger and more open, which can be especially beneficial in smaller properties or areas.

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Customer Care

Our company will find the personal approach to each customer and work directly with you, always ready to help in any situation.

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Free Delivery

We will take care of the delivery. Our fleet of vehicles guarantees on-time delivery to any location in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa and Gatineau. Free delivery within Toronto and the GTA territory

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Payment Protection

Flexible payment plans. You pay initial deposit and the rest only after the work is done completely or we set up a milestones and you pay as the progress on site is made.

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Five-Year Warranty

Five-year warranty for the products and one year for all services provided.

Goals and promises

  • Make every client happy
  • 100% individual approach
  • 1 year guarantee for services
  • Regular support
  • Last payment after the work
  • Regularly monitor
  • Expand the range of goods and services
  • Better than competitors
  • RedDot Design
  • Take care of the quality of services

Hear From Customers

Gail Brown
Gail Brown
I contacted Crystal Lake Glass to do a glass partition wall in a basement, primarily for the purpose of sound insulation. On first meeting I was impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail. As promised, they were able to get the job done in a reasonable time, and the end result accomplished not only the sound barrier, but it looks totally amazing - more than I could ever have hoped for. I would definitely use this company again and can recommend them highly. Gail - North York
Hassan K
Hassan K
It's been a pleasure dealing with Clg glass and with Evgeny in particular. Not only did he do an excellent job in custom creating a very difficult piece of glass covering for my place and had it flawlessly installed, but he also was able to fix a glass sliding door installation I had previously installed by another Contractor that unfortunately had done a very poor job. I definitely recommend working with him and Clg and will be going to them for all my future needs. Thank you.
Beatrice Baribeau
Beatrice Baribeau
We were very pleased with the install to complete this home office. The product is of high quality. The team was very polite and professional. This was the best contractor experience we have had with the work being done in only a few short hours. I highly recommend this company to those in Toronto or Ottawa (where we are).
Valerii Cara
Valerii Cara
All neat, on time and perfect service
Roman S
Roman S
Extremely professional service. Everything was done on time and in the most professional way. Highly recommended.

Residential Applications

Post system glass railings are a perfect fit for various residential areas.

Balconies: On balconies, these railings provide safety while offering unhindered views of your surroundings. Whether your balcony overlooks a cityscape or a tranquil garden, post system glass railings allow you to enjoy the view fully.

Decks: For decks, post system glass railings not only add a modern appeal but also create a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas. They make your deck an inviting place for relaxation or entertaining.

Staircases and Lofts: Inside your home, these railings can add an airy feel to your staircase or loft area. By allowing more light to pass through, they make these spaces feel larger and more open, while adding an elegant design element.

Commercial Applications

Post system glass railings serve multiple functions in commercial settings, making them an excellent choice for various businesses.

Office Spaces

In office environments, they create open and collaborative spaces. They can serve as partitions without making spaces feel confined or blocked off, promoting a sense of openness and encouraging communication.

Restaurants and Cafes

For eateries, these railings can create visually appealing and safe dining areas. Whether dividing indoor spaces or enclosing outdoor patios, they add a modern touch while offering patrons a clear view.

Retail Stores

In retail spaces, post system glass railings can be used to showcase merchandise effectively. They provide a clean, upscale look, making your products the focal point.


In the hospitality industry, these railings can add to the luxurious feel of various spaces, from lobbies to dining areas and outdoor terraces, providing a clear, uninterrupted view and an upscale aesthetic.

Customization Options

The beauty of post system glass railings lies not only in their sleek, modern look, but also in their adaptability to match your unique design vision. Here are some ways you can tailor these railings to your needs:

Glass Thickness

The thickness of the glass can be adjusted according to the specific needs and safety requirements of your space. Thicker glass provides increased sturdiness, while thinner options may be suitable for areas with less traffic or lower safety risks.

Types of Glass

From clear glass that offers unhindered views to frosted or tinted options that provide a level of privacy, there’s a choice for every preference. You can even opt for patterned or textured glass for a distinct design statement.

Post Materials

Posts can be made from a variety of materials to match your decor. Stainless steel posts offer a sleek, modern appeal, while wooden posts can lend a warmer, more rustic look.


Posts can be customized with different finishes. For instance, a polished stainless steel post offers a high-end glossy look, while a brushed finish gives a more subdued, matte effect. The choice of finish can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your railing system.

Maintenance and Care

Post system glass railings are relatively low maintenance, but regular care can ensure they remain in pristine condition for many years. Here’s how you can maintain your railings:

Cleaning: Regular cleaning keeps your railings looking their best. Use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the glass. For stainless steel posts, a specific metal cleaner can be used to prevent spots and stains.

Inspection: Regular inspection can help detect any potential issues early. Check for any signs of damage, such as chips or cracks in the glass, or any loose parts.

Minor Repairs: If you notice any small problems during your inspection, address them promptly. This can include tightening any loose fittings or replacing damaged parts.

Professional Maintenance: For more complex issues, or for regular maintenance checks, consider hiring professionals. Crystal Lake Glass offers maintenance services to ensure your railings stay as good as new.

Let Us Know About Your Project

Our CLG team will be more then happy to help you in your upcoming glass project.

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    The process

    Installation Process

    The installation of your post system glass railings at Crystal Lake Glass is carried out with meticulous attention to detail. The process involves the following steps:


    / Consultation

    The first step is a detailed consultation where we listen to your needs, preferences, and design vision. This helps us understand your project requirements and offer tailored advice.


    / Design

    Based on the consultation, we proceed to the design stage. We work out the specifics of your railing system, considering factors like the layout of your space, the type and thickness of the glass, the material and finish of the posts, and any other custom elements you'd like to include.


    / Fabrication

    Once the design is finalized, the fabrication process begins. We manufacture your custom railings with precision, ensuring they meet all safety standards and your specific design requirements.


    / Installation

    The final stage involves the careful installation of your post system glass railings by our trained professionals. We ensure that the railings are installed securely and neatly, with minimum disruption to your routine.

    Why Choose Crystal Lake Glass

    When it comes to your post system glass railings project in Toronto, choose a provider with expertise, experience, and a customer-focused approach. At Crystal Lake Glass, we offer all these and more, ensuring your railings serve you well and elevate your spaces beautifully.

    Get a Quote for Your Project

    Ready to transform your space with post system glass railings? Contact Crystal Lake Glass for a personalized quote for your project in Toronto. We’re ready to bring your vision to life.

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