Here you will find news, tips and advice on the selection and installation of glass products


Modern glass entrances – aesthetics and safety

Aesthetics and design plays a big role for storefronts. It is this design, made of glass, that first of all attracts the eyes of visitors. Guests of restaurants and shopping centers get acquainted with the institution from its entrance. When a glass structure immediately creates an atmosphere, it becomes a big advantage. Transparent entrances look particularly light and airy, allowing you to create original optical effects.

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Shower with glass doors and walls with an unusual angle - Neo-Angle Shower

How to choose a shower enclosure?

Glass shower doors are distinguished by configuration, release form and size. Choose them taking into account the area of the bathroom and the interior. Before choosing, decide on your goals and your expectations. The only limitation is the dimensions of the room itself. If it is small, the manufacturer offers small-sized models, but with the right set of functions.

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One-piece glass screens mounted on staff stand entrance view

Characteristics of tempered glass

The characteristics of tempered glass are extremely important, from which partitions and entrance groups, railings and doors, and much more are made. We will learn right now more interesting things about the features and benefits, areas of application of tempered glass.

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Wooden staircase with glass railing and round handrail side view

Is glass safe to use in railings?

When arranging any premises, the issue of safety always remains the main one. We declare with confidence that our glass products meet all safety requirements and will never cause problems during operation.

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Corridor with glass office partitions in a modern style

What to choose for separating workplaces?

Comparison of what is better to choose for the separation of workplaces: glass partitions or PVC. How material choice affects energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and the impact on employee productivity.

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