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Glass storefronts for the kitchen in a cafe

Glass showcase for the kitchen in a cafe: the highlight of an establishment with security concerns

At the end of the 20th century, glass walls between the guest room and the kitchen in cafes and restaurants were considered an original solution, a kind of the highlight of the institution. But not all chefs were ready to cook under the gaze of those who came to try their dishes, and for some time the glass between the kitchen and the hall was on the list of the least popular solutions for everyone, except for small-town catering. But old trends tend to come back, and this applies not only to clothes and shoes. Therefore, in young establishments in the United States, “old” glass walls are increasingly appearing, fully or partially revealing to guests what is happening in the kitchen. Why this is good and why it is popular – let’s figure it out in the article.

Why diners love to watch the kitchen

The first thing that guests of cafes and restaurants love showcases that open a “window” into the kitchen is for the spectacle. Often, in open kitchens, the cooking process is an impromptu show, where fire breaks out in pans, sauce figuratively pours, pieces of bacon are appetizingly rolled up on a hot stove plate. Such a spectacle brightens up the expectations of the dish and increases loyalty to the very process of waiting. When guests have something to do, even when they arrive without company or just don’t feel like chatting, watching the process distracts them from counting the minutes until the moment they are served their order.

How an open kitchen can affect the profitability of an establishment

It cannot be said that a showcase kitchen is a universal option suitable for all catering establishments without exception. Moreover, in the premium and luxury segment, this format often does not take root at all due to the characteristics of the audience. But if we take the average, then the open kitchen can become a source of additional profit and loyalty for a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop or even a small eatery.

  • Guests like to see the kitchen – from what and how they cook it, it gives a feeling of safety of the dishes, which means that trust and loyalty to the institution grows.
  • Guests feel ownership of the cooking process, which is good for both loyalty and appetite.
  • Guests watch how they cook and unconsciously order more, because ready and not yet ready dishes, as well as fresh products look so appetizing.
  • In the context of the current epidemiological situation, it is important for guests to know that the staff of the establishment observes the rules of occupational health and uses protective equipment not only in the hall, this increases trust and attachment to the establishment

All of the above are direct or indirect sources of profit. In addition, if the establishment really does not hide anything from guests, replacing the blank wall between the hall and the kitchen with CLG glass display cases is an easy way to improve its reputation in the eyes of regular guests and attract new ones. After all, nothing will have to be changed in the processes, unless the chef can get used to everyone’s attention and decides to leave the kitchen to film his culinary blog or television show. But you understand that you cannot do without risks in the restaurant business.

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