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All the benefits of glass railings

Glass railings for stairs have a modern look and can become a real decoration of any interior, giving it a feeling of lightness and airiness. They look great in hi-tech or minimalist rooms. Such railings are universal, they will give even a classic interior a special zest and originality.

Despite the apparent fragility, glass railings are highly durable and reliable. They are used in a wide variety of environments, including private residences and duplex apartments, as well as shopping centers, offices, business centers, cafes, restaurants, airports and train stations.

Advantages of glass railings

  1. Versatility – they fit perfectly into any interior and are suitable for both residential and non-residential premises;
  2. Safety due to the fact that the space between the floor and the handrail is completely closed, there are no holes through which you can fall;
  3. Reliability;
  4. Environmental friendliness;
  5. Fire safety;
  6. Resistance to moisture and temperature changes;
  7. Transparency, such railings do not interfere with a free viewing and freely let in sunlight;
  8. Ease of installation and further maintenance

Methods for attaching glass railings

  1. Stand-Offs. Side attachment of glass to the stairs. Glass sheets are attached directly to the end of the stairs with special glue or bolts. There are no vertical handrails in this design.
  2. Base Shoe. The railing is installed directly on the staircase itself using special fasteners or installed in special channels. There are no vertical handrails in this design.
  3. Post System. The railing of the standard type. Vertical and horizontal aluminum handrails are used here.

Railings can be both transparent and decorated, for which various techniques are used: matting, edging, patterning, glass painting. There are many different combinations of materials and glass decoration options.

Transparent glass visually enlarges the room, creates a feeling of airiness and lightness of the whole structure, it is the best option for large spaces in shopping centers, airports and much more. This is the highlight that attracts maximum attention.

Glass railings significantly outperform their competitors from other materials. We have been working with glass for a long time and we know that it is the most convenient, reliable and modern material.

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