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How to make a shower comfortable

How to make the shower comfortable for all members of a large family

The convenience and comfort of a bathroom are more important than you can imagine. When the family is large, representatives of different generations live in the same house, and everyone has their own idea of ideal conditions in the bathroom, a compromise has to be found. This very compromise, when it is not possible to provide their own bathrooms for everyone, often becomes the installation of a modern shower cabin. It’s not as expensive as looking for a house with multiple bathrooms, and quite functional, because, unlike a bathroom, taking a shower without assistance at any age is easier than climbing into even the most spacious and adapted bathroom.

What should be the shower for the whole family

Safety comes first. In a shower room that will be used by children, the elderly or those with disabilities, it is important to provide a non-slip floor covering and other safety features. The fact is that in the shower room, in any case, there will be high humidity, and if there are no handrails on the walls, and there are simple tiles on the fields without ribs or spraying from slipping, then injuries cannot be avoided.

Convenience is also important. Glass shower doors from CLG are not only convenient for those who do not feel comfortable in enclosed spaces. Due to the translucency of the shower cabin, it is quite light in it, even when the room is covered with a thick fog of steam from the hot water flowing from the watering can. Even from properly fixed and at the right height, the handrails in the shower will not be of any use if, due to lack of light, a member of your family does not have time to grab it in time when he accidentally slips on the soap suds.

Functionality also needs to be considered. When the family is large, you have to store a huge amount of household chemicals in the bathroom. Therefore, when designing room equipment and a shower stall, in particular, it is important to remember that bathing with shampoo and body lotion in your hands is at least not convenient. So you should provide shelves where all the care products can be placed during bath procedures, as well as boxes protected from moisture for permanent storage of numerous bottles and jars.

What does the ideal shower for a large family look like?

In the shower room in a house in which a large family lives, there must be a lot of space, in which security measures are provided and there is no clutter. It is in order not to take up extra space and you need to use glass partitions and doors.

In addition, glass, like no other moisture-resistant material, is friendly with water. Bathroom glass surfaces are easy to care for with alcohol-based products. That is why on sale you can find so many bathroom care products with glass surfaces and unusual inserts. Of course, because of the rigidity and sharp corners, glass furniture is considered far from the safest. But it is precisely in order that none of the members of your large family is definitely hurt, you should first worry about the anti-slip floor, handrails and sufficient lighting, and only then about moisture-resistant stylish furniture with many cabinets and shelves for household chemicals and cosmetics.

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