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Doors for glass entrances: choose the right one

In a glass company in Toronto, it is convenient to choose a door for the entrance group and office partitions. Our turnkey solutions for the business and residential sector impress with a guarantee of quality, aesthetics and functionality. The most demanding customers have already appreciated the benefits of using glass partitions and office doors.

The benefits of modern glass doors

The advantages of high-quality doors for entrances and partitions are worthy of attention.

  • Doors provide the necessary level of security, as they are equipped with a reliable locking mechanism.
  • An anti-panic door system can be used. With it, it is especially easy and convenient to leave the premises if an emergency evacuation becomes necessary.
  • Our glass doors are made of high-quality tempered material. Glass will cope with loads, negative mechanical influences.
  • Many design options available. An office partition with a door will fit perfectly into the interior of the room and will correspond to the concept. This is especially important when the office receives visitors

Door glass is not subject to deformations, differs in durability.

Main types of doors

For entrance groups we offer sliding, folding, stacking and swing doors. These are reliable solutions that are suitable for areas with high human traffic, as well as for small offices and private homes. Detailed performance features of CLG doors.

Sliding doors. This type of construction is excellent for both indoor and outdoor entrances. For these purposes, special Sliding Systems are provided, which can be external (in the form of a special structure installed along the upper border of the door) and internal, installed in the floor and ceiling of the room.

Doors for glass entrances: choose the right one 3

Folding doors. A variant of long glass partitions that can fold like an accordion at the right time. Such doors are attached to each other and mounted on a special platform hidden in the floor and ceiling; when folded, they do not take up much space. This type of construction can be installed both indoors and as an outdoor option.

Doors for glass entrances: choose the right one 5

Stacking doors. A unique version of doors that can surprise even the most sophisticated person. This type of construction is similar to folding doors in terms of purpose and features, but differs from it in the type of opening and closing. In the folded version, the door leafs are located not like an accordion to each other, but in parallel, taking up very little space.

Doors for glass entrances: choose the right one 7

Swing doors. The classic version of the door, which can be equipped with a variety of door closers. We offer single and double leaf solutions for indoor and outdoor entrances.

Doors for glass entrances: choose the right one 9

Swing and sliding doors are the most affordable options in terms of price and reliability. The premises in which such glass structures will be installed will look very solid and presentable, while ensuring maximum energy efficiency inside the building.

Stacking and folding doors, on the contrary, are more expensive, but at the same time they allow you to create unusual design solutions. They are perfect for those moments when you need to save space as much as possible or remove partitions without having to dismantle them. This option of doors will make the business bright and attractive, allow it to stand out from other companies and offices.

Expert advice

Let’s look at some important recommendations.

  1. For all-glass partitions, the same all-glass doors are more suitable. The design will look harmonious, in general.
  2. A good solution is a frame door with blinds. If necessary, part of the room can be easily hidden from prying eyes.
  3. All-glass door with floor closer is a great option for a partition in a shopping mall or office. The closer mechanism will be hidden from prying eyes, which will create an unusual seamless design.
  4. A sliding door will not provide a high level of sound insulation. This must be taken into account in advance. But on the other hand, it opens smoothly and easily, this option looks aesthetically pleasing.
  5. A matte door looks decent. It is suitable for partitions made of the same frosted glass. This is a suitable solution when you need to visually hide the workspace.
  6. When a fire barrier is used, the door is also required to be fire resistant. Our experts will select for you the best option with the appropriate fire safety class.

You can place an order today. Experienced CLG staff will fabricate and install a glass office partition door in Toronto. A guarantee is necessarily provided, the designs meet the safety requirements and the declared characteristics.

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