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Characteristics of tempered glass

In our company, everyone will be able to order high-quality tempered glass structures. They attract with reliability and aesthetics, durability and stylish design, functionality. The characteristics of tempered glass are extremely important, from which partitions and entrance groups, railings and doors, and much more are made. We will learn right now more interesting things about the features and benefits, areas of application of tempered glass.


The material acquires its basic qualities during thermal hardening, that is, due to a sharp temperature drop. First, the raw material is heated to extreme values: in industrial conditions, the processing temperature reaches 600 degrees. The temperature is then rapidly reduced, so that the strength is significantly increased. It is important to remember: the material is difficult to process. If it is necessary, for example, to drill holes, this is done before hardening.

Scopes of tempered glass

Tempered glass has a wide range of applications in various products and structures.

  • Glazing balconies, loggias, tempered glass is installed on the windows.
  • The material is needed for the design of facades, greenhouses and winter gardens, they are used in roof structures.
  • Tempered glass is required in the manufacture of entrance groups, office partitions, doors.
  • Produce doors of household appliances, doors of saunas and shower cabins from the material.
  • Showcases and countertops, railings, stair elements are also made of durable

It is important that the material fully meets the standards and current requirements. Then the safety, durability and aesthetics of structures and products are really guaranteed.


The main feature of tempered glass is how it shatters when broken. Even if the impact, the mechanical impact were very strong, the canvas remains safe. The glass breaks in such a way that the fragments do not scatter, there is no risk of injury.

Consider some significant advantages of the material.

  • Durability is exceptionally high. Glass will withstand impacts, strong mechanical stress. It is suitable for operation in conditions of high wind load, which is important for shop windows, entrance groups.
  • When the glass does break, the pieces are quite small and have blunt edges. Therefore, the material is suitable for use in public places, in children’s institutions.
  • Glass will withstand sudden changes in temperature. This is especially important in building structures where the surface can become very hot when exposed to the weather.
  • It is tempered glass that has good light transmission and remains aesthetically pleasing. With such material, you can embody bold design ideas.

Order tempered glass products from our profile company. We produce office partitions and doors, railings and countertops, entrance groups. Full compliance with current standards and declared characteristics is guaranteed, quality is strictly controlled at all stages of production. Orders are executed promptly, we always take into account all the additional wishes of the client, the planned budget. We work in Toronto, on a turnkey basis, we manufacture and install tempered glass structures.

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