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Advantages of glass office partitions

According to a 2018 study by Alan Hedge, a professor in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell, employees in offices in daylight reported an 84% reduction in eye fatigue, headaches and blurred vision symptoms. All of these symptoms can significantly reduce the productivity of workers.

The study found that optimizing the amount of natural light in an office significantly improves health and wellness among workers, leading to gains in productivity.

Other studies show a similar trend. A survey of 1,614 employees at various companies was conducted and found that access to natural light and views of nature were the number one attribute of the work environment, surpassing employee benefits such as fitness centers, benefits, and on-site childcare.

It is natural light and views of nature, as well as of the city that can not only increase the productivity of employees but also keep them healthy and willing to work in the same office.

Of course, not every employer can afford to position their employees along with the windows so as not to deprive them of natural light. This is technically difficult to do because sometimes the offices of employees can be located in the very center of the floor.

What can be the way out of this situation? Our solution is glass partitions and glass screens.

Glass office partitions

Transparent glass office wall for office division

Comfortable and thin glass walls perfectly complement the office space, freely letting in natural sunlight. They make any room more spacious and modern. Due to their subtlety, they do not take up much space, but at the same time, they perfectly block any noises and sounds. The great advantage of such partitions is their ease of installation, ease of cleaning, as well as the absence of the need to coordinate their installation with special supervisory authorities in the field of construction.

Glass screens

One-piece glass screens mounted on staff stand entrance view

Glass barriers for anti-sneezing and desk space separation between employees can create a safe and affordable personal space for each employee.
Such barriers are needed in every organization because they help protect people from the spread of Covid-19.

Interesting solution

If it is important for you to meet your customers, partners or just visitors at the entrance, but you want them and your employees to be safe from the possibility of contracting a virus, you can install glass partitions at the reception. This can be either a full-fledged glass room or small glass screens on tables.
Regardless of what you use, this will allow you not only to increase human safety but also to be always closer to your visitors because glass does not deprive people of direct contact with each other, it is transparent and modern.

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