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What style of interior is glass railings suitable for?

CLG glass railings, as well as glass table tops, can be called a universal element suitable for interiors in any style – from luxurious baroque to minimalistic loft. Moreover, the geometricity and coldness of glass, in the case of railings, does not in the least take away the comfort from loggias, balconies and spacious halls of residential buildings. The same properties of glass are great for shopping and business centers. Such versatility allows glass to be used effectively in almost every room. Let’s look at what styles and how appropriate to use glass railings in residential and non-residential buildings.

Glass railings in the interior in the neoclassical style

Neoclassicism is characterized by geometry and calm colors, all this is in perfect harmony with interior solutions made of transparent and tinted glass. Due to the fact that there are no less options for processing and decorating glass railings than wooden or stone railings, designers may well make stairs the main elements of the decor.

Neoclassicism is usually wood or stone in various combinations, but the canons of style do not interfere with adding transparent and translucent elements to the interior. And these are not necessarily small additional elements, frosted glass railings or combinations of surfaces may well be full-fledged objects. Do not forget about the need for careful maintenance, subject to all the rules, the service life of glass railings is no less than that of those created from other materials of the “neoclassical” style.

Glass in minimalism, loft and high-tech

The sophistication of glass balustrades in the Provence and Fusion styles is a common thing. These styles just have to ensure that the maximum of elements in them are on the verge of utility and geometric rigor – typical characteristics of glass balustrades and railings.

An important point in integrating glass railings for stairs into minimalist interiors is the designer’s skill to make them invisible (such interiors also include the Scandinavian style and its many hybrid offshoots). The properties of glass are ideal for creating something discreet, almost imperceptible, not cluttering up the space at all and not weighing it down.

In high-tech, by the way, glass railings will be successfully combined with glass furniture, even simple protective screens on the table can already become the very link between utility and decorativeness.

The fact that glass is mainly chosen as a massive interior element precisely in minimalist styles does not mean that transparent or matte railings cannot fit into the pretentiousness of modern or classical baroque. The compatibility of this material is so high that in the hands of a skilled designer it becomes a versatile tool for styling commercial and residential interiors. Look at the photos on the site, how glass railings are integrated into different styles, it’s inspiring.

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