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Types of railings: how to choose for your home

Glass railings are used in the design of different rooms. They are popular in shopping centers, office buildings, as well as in private houses and apartments. Glass is combined with almost all styles of decoration, visually increasing the space and making the interior original and attractive. Let’s take a closer look at what types of CLG home railings can be purchased in Toronto and GTA.

Types of glass railings

We offer several types of railings that differ in the organization of the system, design, type of fasteners and purpose.


  1. Post system. Metal supports are attached to the base at the same distance from each other. Glass sheets are installed between them, fixing them on the support plates. The railing posts are complemented by metal handrails.
    Post system glass railings with metal balusters - Demo Image
  2. Base Shoe. Frameless deck railings made of solid glass look original on the functional roof of the house, they are installed on flights of stairs, balconies. Sheet glass of high strength is mounted on special fixtures in the floor. The design, at the request of the client, is supplemented with handrails, which are fixed on the upper edge of the glass or carried out beyond the plane of the fence from the inside.
    Glass railings installed in the base rail - Demo image
  3. Spigot System. These frameless systems are attached to stairs or flat bases with round holders, clamping profiles or brackets. Such railings are often used as fences or low curbs, dividing the territory into specific zones. From above, the glass sheet is left open or a metal or wooden coating is made in the form of a handrail.
    Railing on low vertical posts - Demo image
  4. Stanoff System. Stair railings on pins are characterized by high structural strength. Several glass sheets are mounted from above to the railing, and from below – to the base of the floor or stairs, using a point mount. For reliability, holes are made in the glass according to the size of the fastener and fixed on both sides.
    Frameless railings fixed on pins - Demo image

What makes up the price

The cost of the order depends on the following factors:

  • scope of work;
  •  type and type of railing design;
  • delivery distance;
  • special wishes of the client on design.

To find out the price of the railing, leave a request, where you need to describe in detail all the wishes for design and parameters. Our managers will contact you, discuss all the details in detail and prepare an estimate.

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