Here you will find news, tips and advice on the selection and installation of glass products

Stone staircase with frosted glass railings and square handrails - Post System

How to measure glass railings

For the manufacture and installation of railings, we need to understand the dimensions, color and type of future construction. In this article, we will show you how to determine the length of the railing and what you need for this.

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One-piece glass screens mounted on staff stand entrance view

Characteristics of tempered glass

The characteristics of tempered glass are extremely important, from which partitions and entrance groups, railings and doors, and much more are made. We will learn right now more interesting things about the features and benefits, areas of application of tempered glass.

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Wooden staircase with glass railing and round handrail side view - Stand-Offs

Is glass safe to use in railings?

When arranging any premises, the issue of safety always remains the main one. We declare with confidence that our glass products meet all safety requirements and will never cause problems during operation.

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