Post System Railings

Minimalistic glass railings with metal balusters


  • Strength
  • The safest railing option
  • Versatility
  • Withstand heavy glass
  • Wind and draft protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not require regular adjustment
  • Can be installed as fences and railings

Post System is a glass railing consisting of metal posts, glass and special clips. This is a minimalistic version of the railing that combines classic design and modern technology. Due to tempered glass, post systems are not only extremely durable, but also perfectly transmit light, making the room light and visually spacious.

This is a classic version of the railing, which is popular not only as an element of the internal staircase, but also as an external structure, decorating the entrances to the premises. Also, Post System is often chosen as a solution for fences and partitions, as such railings are the most durable.


What are post system railings made of?

Such railings consist of supporting vertical posts – balusters, as well as glass panels and clamps that securely fix the glass.
As a rule, support posts are equipped with special brackets on which horizontal railings made of stainless steel or wood are installed. Due to its design, these railings can be adjusted in height to meet the requirements of each customer.

Post system glass railings with metal balusters - Demo Image

Differences from other types of railings

Unlike Base Shoe, Spigot and Stanoff Systems, glass railings with posts are designed to work with special glass clamps rather than rods or vertical metal channels. You must use two glass railing posts for each 4-foot stair or deck railing glass panel.

Each Post System is available in both stainless steel and aluminum, making it easy to choose custom color settings and finish options.

Types of glass railings produced by CLG - Demo image

Learn more about the types of railings manufactured by CLG and their applications.

For your convenience, we have developed visual 3D models. You can view them in more detail by clicking the button below. 

*The model is a demonstration and may differ from the final design

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Frequently asked questions

How much do glass railings cost?

Usually the cost of glass railings ranges from $200 to $500 per linear foot. The final price is affected by both the type of glass and hardware. The price for project is custom tailored  to each client’s need. 

Our representative will consult you, and find out your requirements and wishes for the project. We will inform you of the full cost of the work after all details are summarized.

The average lead time for an order is two to three weeks. It all depends on the size and complexity of the project.

Glass railings are made from durable tempered glass and do not require special care. If the railing needs to be wiped down, normal glass cleaners can be used.

As for the metal inserts and hardware, all of it are made of high grade stainless steel that resistant to rust and can be cleaned with standard stainless steel cleaners.

Glass railings are just as safe to use as traditional wood or iron railings. For railings, we use only tempered glass, which is much stronger than usual, thanks to special heat treatment process.

All our products can be equipped with metal or wooden handrails, that will guarantee the safety of the people using it. For extra safety we offer high strength laminated glass. This type of glass is almost as strong as bulletproof panels.

Yes, glass railings can be easily and securely installed on your deck. Our glass railings are rust resistant, thanks to high grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware.
We work with both residential and commercial clients. We have extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of railings.
We provide a five-year warranty for all products and a one-year warranty for installation services.

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