Stacking Office Partition

Stacking partition walls
for offices and residential areas in Toronto


  • Modern design
  • Maximum space-saving
  • Ease and convenience of use
  • Fully movable glass sheets
  • Durability
  • Quiet in operation
  • 5 year product warranty

Stacking Partitions is a solution for offices and homes that makes it easy to stack and move a glass wall, completely freeing up space. Such a staking wall consists of several sliding glass doors that move along a special channel attached to the ceiling.

This functionality makes these partitions very convenient for both large offices and small rooms, as it allows you to expand the working area at the right time.

What are partitions made of?

Stacking glass walls are not only very comfortable and modern, but also reliable. The best engineers with extensive professional experience tried to make the design as durable and concise as possible. The device of such partitions does not have unnecessary details.

The staking partition consists of:

  1. Tempered glass sheets
  2. Top and bottom metal frames for glass
  3. Lower door lock
  4. Lower fittings for hinged doors. Thanks to them, the partition can work as a swing door
  5. Upper channel for moving parts of the partition
  6. Fasteners and clamps for the upper channel
  7. Intelli-Track Roller, thanks to which parts of the partition can move
What does the staking partition consist of

Basic types of partitions

The CLG company offers partitions for any room. There are mobile partitions that can be installed perpendicular or parallel to each other, partitions that can be moved apart in different directions with hinged doors installed in them, and many other different options.

CLG staking partition installation options

Differences from other partitions

Unlike partitions with patch and sliding doors, stacking walls can be easily moved and stacked, which allows you to divide the workspace into zones that can easily become one common space again.

For your convenience, we have developed a 3D model of the partition, where you can view its design and features.

*The model is a demonstration and may differ from the final design