Sliding Office Partition

Sliding door systems for glass office walls.
Reliable and silent door mechanism for modern offices.


  • Modern design
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • A wide range of closers
  • Reliability
  • Space saving
  • Smooth operation
  • Silence in work

Sliding partitions are reliable and modern solutions for offices that our customers prefer instead of standard swing doors. Sliding partitions do not occupy the internal space of the office when opened – the doors of these partitions move back and become in line with the glass wall. Such technical features make them a versatile solution that suits almost every office.

Open and concealed door mechanisms are available, which can be hidden in the ceiling, at the top of the door beam or in the floor. With CLG glass office partitions you can always make your interior ideas a reality.

What are partitions made of?

Our door systems are designed by real professionals who know their work. Each part of the mechanism is made of a material resistant to mechanical stress. This will allow the product to serve you for many years.

Basically, sliding partitions are of three types:

  • With open mechanism
  • Suspended
  • Embedded

Open mechanism

It consists of:

  1. Pipes or rail along which the door will move
  2. Rollers on which the door will hang
  3. Glass doors attached to rollers
  4. Side glass walls
  5. Other accessories

Usually such a mechanism is attached to a glass partition and is always visible to people around. It will not be hidden in the wall or ceiling.

Built-in sliding partition

The door mechanism of the built-in sliding system consists of:

  1. Top Track on which the door will move
  2. Door holders with rollers, due to which the mechanism will work
  3. Side cover
  4. Glass doors mounted in holders
  5. Side glass walls
  6. Other accessories
Top Track for glass sliding door - CLG Company
Top Tracks for glass sliding door - CLG Company

Hanging sliding partitions

The hanging type door mechanism can be attached to both the ceiling and the wall. It consists of:

  1. Cover Spacer, to which the protective cover and top track will be attached
  2. Top Track on which the door will move
  3. Door holders with rollers
  4. Protective cover
  5. Glass doors
  6. Side glass walls
  7. Floor and ceiling channels for glass installation
  8. Other accessories

Differences from other partitions

Sliding partitions favorably differ from other office partitions in their compactness and modernity. At the same time, even large doorways can be easily closed with this type of partition.

In those places where the door span is too large, and the doors are huge and heavy, it is better to replace them with a sliding office partition, which will easily perform the task of dividing the office space.