Patch Office Partition

Glass swing doors in modern office partitions


  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Popular mechanism that is easy to maintain
  • Requires no additional side space
  • Silence at work
  • Large selection of glass
  • Wide range of finishers
  • Doesn’t block natural light
  • Easy to install and dismantle

CLG patch doors and partitions for offices, shops, clinics and any other Toronto business will be a great component of your space. Our partitions equipped with swing doors are a classic option for installation in an office. This is the most popular solution that has proven to be very reliable and durable. Modern glass sheets, fixed in aluminum frames, will look modern, visually expanding the spaces and providing the greatest preservation of natural light in the room.

What are partitions made of?

Our door systems are designed by true professionals in their field. Each part of the mechanism is made of a material resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion. This will allow the product to serve you for many years.

The standard mechanism includes:

  1. Tempered glass doors and side panels
  2. Door hinges and patch fittings
  3. Door handles
  4. Locks (optional)
  5. Door closers (optional)
  6. Other fittings
Tempered glass doors and side panels - Demo Image

Types of patch partitions

We offer options for swing partitions with one or two doors. In addition to the color, density and texture of glass partitions, we offer our customers a choice between solutions with a metal frame, as well as without it. In addition, we can install doors that can open both in one direction and in both directions.

Differences from other partitions

Swing doors and partitions are a classic version of partitions that can be found in most offices. Unlike sliding and stacking partitions, this does not require additional side space, but needs free space in front of it, in the direction in which it will open. The standard size for a single door is approximately 39″ × 110″ inches. At the request of the client, we can install doors with or without a metal frame.

Our company employs real specialists who know their business, behind which hundreds of completed projects. Order swing partitions from CLG, we will carry out a project of any complexity.

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