How to measure
glass railings

How to measure the length of the railing and what you need for this

For the manufacture and installation of railings, we need to understand the dimensions, color and type of future construction. You can take measurements for glass railings yourself. To do this, you need a set of tools and a sequence of simple steps.

Tips for measuring railing length

Prepare in advance: Tape measure, Pencil and Sheet or notepad

Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the type of railing you are interested in. CLG manufactures and installs four types of railings:
  • Post System
  • Base Shoe
  • Spigot System
  • Stanoff System

It is very important to decide on the choice of railing, because the final price and installation features depend on it.

How to measure glass railings 1
  1. Use a tape measure to determine the railing length in linear feet. To calculate the price, we need the length of the railing along the steps and the length of the railing on a flat surface.
  2. Write down your measurements. For a better understanding of your preferences, a visual drawing or an example of the railing that you want can help us.
  3. Choose your railing color and hardware so we can find the right one for you.
How to measure glass railings 3

An example calculation might look like this: Post System railing, chrome color. Length near the steps 6′, length of the horizontal part of the railing 3′.

If you have difficulties with measuring the length of the railing, then we will do it for you. Our employees are always ready to come to you within the greater Toronto area and take measurements. Just email us at with your address and phone number.

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