Six examples
with mirrors in the interior

Ideas with the use of a mirror in the interior

Mirrors are a very popular element of interior decor. It used in residential buildings, offices and business centers. Mirrors can perform many functions and are very convenient to use.

  • Mirrors are always needed, with the help of them we dress, do hair and make-up
  • Mirrors improve the lighting of the room
  • This decorative element allows you to visually expand the space.
  • Mirrors complete the look of the space. A properly placed mirror reflects paintings, furniture, flowers, and accentuates the color palette of the room.
  • Any furniture can be easily decorated with a mirror, which saves space

Ways to use mirrors indoors

Mirror on the floor

If you have not decided where to fix the mirror or do not want to spoil the walls with mirror fasteners, then simply use a framed mirror that will stand on the floor. It is easy to carry, and if decorated with garlands, it will look very stylish.

Six examples with mirrors in the interior 1

Mirror on furniture

One of the popular options for using mirrors is to install them on furniture. As a rule, small mirrors are placed on cabinets or shelves. You can completely decorate the furniture with mirrors to make its presence in the room almost invisible.

Six examples with mirrors in the interior 3

Small portable mirrors

Small framed mirrors, averaging 15 to 20 inch in size, are usually placed on cabinets or shelves. It is very convenient to use in everyday life, as well as to complement and emphasize the features of the interior decoration of the room.

Six examples with mirrors in the interior 5

Mirrors on the door

Mirrors installed on the door visually expand the space. This allows you to make cabinets and other furniture less noticeable. They also look good at the end of long or narrow corridors.

Mirrors on the wall

Wall mirrors look like a picture that is always a pleasure to look at. Such mirrors can be hung opposite the window, but not in the center, but slightly to the left or right of the window. This will enhance the natural light and make the room lighter and brighter.

Six examples with mirrors in the interior 7

Colored mirrors

With a colored mirror, you can always complement the room, as well as emphasize its color palette. A mirror of various colors looks great on a white wall.

An ordinary mirror is also suitable for this option, with a special colored film glued on top of it.

Six examples with mirrors in the interior 9
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