Reasons to Choose Glass

Glass. Benefits and analogues

Glass around us

Glances across the facades of buildings, the twinkling of city lights reflected in the windows of residential homes or shopping centers, sleek benches, stylish transparent escalator railings that we never notice … Beauty and design are all around us.

But rarely does anyone wonder why they chose such a style of premises or decorated the interior in this way, this question is interesting to those who are now immersed in construction or planning to make repairs. Professionals know the answer to this question, but sometimes it is not so obvious. Let’s figure it out!
We, as a company engaged in the manufacture and installation of glass, are primarily interested in our field of activity, namely partitions, doors, railings, mirrors of an unusual shape, as well as their non-glass counterparts. We always see their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of custom glass

  1. Reliability
    It may seem that glass is fragile and unreliable, that metal or plastic doors, partitions or railings are more reliable than glass, but this is not entirely true. The fact is that interior glass is made in a special way — they make it hardened, which increases its impact strength by 5 times, and thanks to the possibility of creating multilayer structures where glass is used in several layers, an extremely strong solution are obtained. At first glance, iron looks like a more reliable option, but it is noticeably stronger than glass if expensive and special alloys are used, and in domestic conditions glass is rarely inferior to an iron door made of inexpensive metal. At the same time, glass significantly wins at price.
    It is worth mentioning plastic products. They are inferior in strength and beauty to glass and metal counterparts, but at the same time, they are more durable.
  2. Design.
    Metal and plastic products are less aesthetically pleasing than glass. Iron structures turn out to be larger, which badly affects the design of the room. Plastic doesn’t look modern and doesn’t work well for business or home decorations like railings or showers
  3. Ease of cleaning.
    The glass is easy to maintain, there are almost no scratches or cracks on the tempered glass. This is not the case for metal and plastic structures, which are very often scratched, wrinkled and discolored. Both of these options require special cleaning conditions that require the absence of moisture and some kind of chemical attack. Glass is not whimsical and can be easily cleaned.
  4. Durability.
    Iron is significantly inferior to glass and plastic, in this they both significantly surpass it. At the same time, if you look only at glass and plastic, then plastic is also inferior to glass, since over time it visually deteriorates and deforms, which does not threaten the glass. In this matter, glass is the main favorite.
  5. Light transmission.
    An advantage that only glass has. With it, you can create very bright, lighted interiors and rooms. Protect goods, while not blocking them from customers. With the help of glass, rooms can be created that will be perfectly visible to all people around them. This is the best option for offices.

It is these factors that influence the choice of material and designs. Most shopping centers, offices, restaurants, and other businesses prefer to be open to the client, look modern and bright. Their choice is GLASS.
Of course, it can not always be used and in some slays it is better to use metal, but these are rare cases. Glass is almost always preferred because it:

  1. Cheaper
  2. Easier to install
  3. Longer lasting
  4. Easier to clean
  5. And just modern

As a company, we have chosen glass as our core business. And we are proud of our choice.

We have completed hundreds of orders, making our customers satisfied because all of the above benefits only work when you have chosen the right company.

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