Panic bars
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Door handles for emergency situations

Proper decoration of a place where there are a lot of people, whether it is an office, a shop or an art gallery, is not only a suitable design, but also safety. Each room should be equipped with important things that can save a person at the right time. Such a thing is the Anti-Panic door system, which can be ordered from CLG in Toronto.

The functionality of such door structures allows for free entry and exit from the premises even in conditions of panic. This is an indispensable option for emergency situations, it allows you to enjoy comfort in everyday life.

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Construction Features

The anti-panic design is a special locking system. It allows you to guarantee an increased level of protection, safety in case of emergency opening. Even a locked door can be easily opened by pressing the wide handle. You do not have to look for the keys to the door or install an automatic door unlock system – all this will be done for you by such a door system.

Typically, the installation of such doors is in demand in public places where there are a lot of people. Even in the event of an emergency, there will be no problem with the anti-panic design. All people will be able to quickly, without difficulty leave the premises.

The design is made of durable metal, equipped with a modern lock. Inside is a push-type handle, and outside it is a standard rotary handle. The locking mechanism uses an automatic block or key that will securely block the entrance from the outside. This principle of operation allows you to prevent unauthorized entry into the premises. But for people inside, it is enough to unlock the door with one click and exit.

Anti-panic systems are usually classified according to several criteria:

  • door weight;
  • the number of door panels;
  • locking structure class;
  • purpose (for evacuation, emergency exits);
  • mounting method.

In the office and in a residential area, in a warehouse and in a shopping center, an anti-panic locking door system will be indispensable.

Benefits Of Panic Bars

Several features have made the devices so popular.

  • The system works instantly, without effort and difficulty. This helps prevent crowding and ensure safety. The risk of crushing, panic is reduced to a minimum;
  • The door is opened by pressing: you can open it even with busy hands, for example, back or elbow. The evacuation will be as fast as possible;
  • A high class fire safety mechanism is provided to cope with extreme temperatures;
  • Outside, the entrance is securely blocked, so protection from outsiders is guaranteed;
  • Additional systems can be connected for quick access. So, the mechanism can be triggered and opened automatically if the fire alarm is turned on;
  • From the inside, the door opens quickly and easily, even if it was locked from the outside with a key.

In our company, you can order locking door systems in Toronto on favorable terms. We will perform turnkey work, install the structure, give a guarantee.

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